Our passion is to reduce commercial food waste

We simplify the local food distribution channel by meshing supply and demand. 

Our Story

FoodMesh was conceptually created in October 2015, in response to receiving photos of two shipping containers of edible produce sent to a compost facility after being rejected by retail outlets for being ripe.

The compost facility was forced to redirect one of the containers to the landfill.
Unable to shake these images from her head, CEO Jessica Pautsch dedicated the next 6 months to investigate the scale of food waste and the root of the problem.
Her primary findings were – food waste is a systemic economic, social, and environmental problem that affects all segments of the supply chain. 
It became very clear that the problem is not food shortage, but rather redistribution.
This led to the seeding of FoodMesh - a solution to power the circular economy for underused food.
The platform is designed to simplify food re-distribution by matching demand and supply in a more efficient and intelligent way. 


Our Network


Our mission is to inspire change and connect; it's in our name.
 We “mesh” together a network of investors, progressive businesses, growers, processors, and charities committed to changing status quo.  
We have leveraged our large network base to come together and create a solution that benefits all stakeholders.

Our Team

Jessica Pautsch

CEO & Co-Founder

James Rowe

Technical Lead

Maria Verdicchio

Community Engagement Manager

Colleen Mah

Enterprise Account Manager

Jacob McCrae

Front-end Developer

Su Thazin Thin

Strategic Communication Coordinator

Our Advisors

David Christie

Chair, Business Advisor

Johanne Pilon

Supply Chain Advisor

Keith Ippel

Social Impact Advisor

Marc Belanger

Industry Advisor

Tom Urban

Agriculture Advisor


Join the FoodMesh initiative! 
Current opening: Sales Account Manager
We are looking for a sales guru that can sell the assortment of highly discounted products to food service and retail buyers within the lower mainland.