Food Recovery Program

The Food Recovery Program helps retailers divert 100% of their perishables to the highest end use.

Food is safely directed to a local network of charities and farmers, while helping retailers achieve their recovery goals

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How does it work?


Every day, Retailers divert 100% of all perishables sorting them into edible and inedible totes.



A designated Charity 'Hub' picks up the totes, and shares them with other charities and local farmers.



Donations data is tracked via an app and converted into meaningful analytics.


Join the 150+ stores, charities and farmers joining the recovery network!

Save money. waste less.

Benefits of Participation


  • Divert 100% of your perishables to higher end uses

  • Work with verified charities and know where your donations go

  • Access real time metrics of store level activity.


  • Secured daily access to fresh food product.

  • Easily share excess food with other charities and farmers

  • Track donation data easier.


  • Access high quality donated perishables

  • Scheduled days for predictable supply

  • Commit to using the donated food for their animals, or pass it on to another farmer


  • Pick up more product at one central location

  • Become an verified recipient for participating stores

  • Get product that is more suitable for composting

Use Case

The Chilliwack Food Bank piloted the program in Fall 2018 and accessed over 30,000 KG of food in 2 months, allowing them to share with more community partners than ever before!

Their program is now continuing into 2020.

Questions about the Program? Contact us, below, or, please sign up using the relevant button above. We'll be in touch once the program is coming to area!

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