The Fraser Valley Regional District Food Recovery Network

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In partnership with FoodMesh, the Fraser Valley Regional District is building a food recovery network of Fraser Valley-based businesses, charities and farmers to connect those with surplus food to those who need it.

Do you have food you’re unable to sell?

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Fraser Valley’s food recovery network

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Join a growing community of organizations in the Fraser Valley dedicated to ensuring no food goes to waste.

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This project is helping the FVRD region reduce the amount of food waste being disposed of and finding higher uses that benefit the environment, our economy and communities.

– Jason Lum, Chair of the Fraser Valley Regional District Board, and City of Chilliwack Councillor

What the Fraser Valley food recovery network has accomplished up until December 2023

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Meals provided (meal size 600gr)

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Food rescued (KG)

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CO2 emissions saved (KG)

See how your business can reduce food waste

Find a use for your unsalable food

Select the type of surplus food you have and connect with a local organization that can help you put it to good use.

Food from multiple grocery departments

FoodMesh Managed Food Diversion Services

Maximize the amount of food you divert to a network of charities and/or farmers on a schedule you decide.

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Second Harvest Food Rescue App

Donate your unsold food to a network of local charities.

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Flash Foods

Sell your close-to-expiry products to consumers at a reduced cost.

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Unprocessed produce (e.g. whole apples, mandarins, avacados)

FoodMesh Marketplace

Sell or donate your large volumes of surplus produce to a local business or charity.

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Peko Produce

Sell your imperfect produce to consumers at a reduced cost

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Goodly Foods

Get your vegetables turned into soups and stews.

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Luv the Grub

Get your fruit turned into jams and spreads.

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Produce off cuts (e.g. lettuce leaves, tomato slices, carrot sticks)

ReCruz Produce

Get your produce offcuts upcycled into a new project and/or donated to a local dairy farm

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Food scraps (e.g. kitchen scraps, dinner plate waste)

FoodMesh managed food diversion services

Connect with a local farmer to feed it to their animals.

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Cooked/pre-prepared food (e.g. frozen meals, bakery items, sandwiches, sushi rolls)

Too Good To Go

Sell your surplus food to consumers at a reduced cost

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Non-perishables (e.g. cans and dried food)

FoodMesh Marketplace

Sell or donate your large volumes of non-perishable surplus food to a local business or charity.

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Fat, animal by-products (e.g. used cooking oil, deadstock)

Westcoast Reduction

Turn it into ingredients for pet and livestock feed, as well as fertilizers, soaps, lubricants, detergents, and biofuel

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Spent grain


Get your spent grain turned into flour and baking mixes.

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Give us a call, and we’ll work with you to try to find a recipient for your surplus food.