Fraser Valley Regional District Food Recovery Network: Project Results

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The Fraser Valley Regional District was the first region to commit to building a connected food network with FoodMesh.

In partnership with FoodMesh, the Fraser Valley Regional District has built a Food Recovery Network of Fraser Vallery-based food businesses, charities and farmers to connect those with surplus food to those who need it.

Together they are helping to ensure that unsold food and compostable organics stay out of landfill, and are diverted to their best and highest end-use.

Buy-Low Foods in Hope signed up to the Retail Food Recovery Program, so they could ensure none of their unsalable food goes to waste
Hope Community Services Food Bank and Hope & Area Transition Society are helping to share that food with people in the Fraser Valley who need it most

What has been accomplished to date

Up until March 31, 2022


Network members


Food diverted (KG)


Meals created


CO2e reduced (KG)

About the project

Grow the Fraser Valley Regional Food Recovery Network to support a connected and efficient food system in the region, and leverage FoodMesh’s programs to help local food businesses and charities to safely exchange unsold products to the highest end users.


1 April 2021 – March 31, 2022

Project goals

“We are pleased to partner with FoodMesh to expand their food reuse program in the eastern Fraser Valley. The Fraser Valley is home to hundreds of food growers, producers and processors. Partnering with FoodMesh and their network of organizations helps our district to reach these industries and diverts surplus food from being landfilled”

– Jason Lum, Chair of the Fraser Valley Regional District

Meet George and Ernest, two happy recipients of some of the inedible food donations that were diverted through the Retail Food Recovery Program.

“FoodMesh is an amazing resource! I love the mission of giving food a second chance. The customer service is excellent and the portal is easy to navigate. I get the fresh sheet 1 x week and it is always a highlight to scroll through and read the offers. I have taken advantage of the fantastic deals for my classroom.”

– Hieke Morton, Gathering Markit Foods, Abbotsford


There is more we can do to be WasteWise

Webinar: How to put your unsold food and compostable materials to good use in the Fraser Valley

Find out about some of the organizations out there that can help you find new uses for your unsold food and compostable materials, and help you comply with the Fraser Valley Regional District’s waste-sorting bylaw.

Featuring presentations by:


PickEco Refills

Blue Planet Recycling

Too Good To Go


West Coast Reduction

Chilliwack Free Fridge

Peko Produce

Learn about the Fraser Valley Regional District’s waste-sorting bylaw

Find out why businesses in the Fraser Valley are being asked to “sort it out”

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Get connected with organizations to help you keep your unsold food and compostable organics out of landfill

See who's in the network
View a directory of solution providers

“We are passionate about reducing food waste and feeding our communities, and are proud to support the fantastic work of the folks at FoodMesh, the Salvation Army of Chilliwack and the Swallowtail Trauma Integration Society.”

– Darrell Jones, President of Save-On-Foods

“Right now, we’re serving more than 400 people every day through this program. Thank you to Save-On-Foods for helping hundreds of people daily.”

– Don Armstrong, Salvation Army Chilliwack

In the news

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“This project is helping the FVRD region reduce the amount of food waste being disposed of and finding higher uses that benefit the environment, our economy and communities.”

– Jason Lum, Chair of the Fraser Valley Regional District