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It's Stop Food Waste Day - FoodMesh's favourite day of the year! To mark this important day, see how the brilliant Theresa Contois from Cedar Feast House Catering turns food she rescued from local retailers into a delicious beef bourguignon. This event is jam-packed full...

Find out how you can get a supply of fresh food donations from your local retailer to use as animal feed (they come highly recommended by Ernest, the pot-bellied pig)...

If you're working with us on the Retail Food Recovery Program, we want to hear from you! What are we doing well? What’s not working so well? Do you have suggestions for things we could be doing better?...

When the Launching Pad Addiction Rehabilitation Society started working with FoodMesh, it was to collect the food that Fresh St. Market in South Surrey was unable to sell for its 25 residents. Their collaboration has grown and is now feeding between 500 and 700 people a...