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What is FoodMesh?

FoodMesh connects food processors and distributors with charities, non-profits and the food service industry. Our aim is to help your business make use of food that would otherwise go to waste, helping you to save money, feed more, and waste less!


How does it work?

  1. Post your surplus food – Suppliers add details and photos of the products they are offering to sell or donate.
  2. Notify Consumers – Suppliers select the business Consumers they want to have access to view and receive notifications of their listings.
  3. Exchange – Consumers sign into their FoodMesh account and purchase the product from the Supplier.
  4. Success –  Consumers pick up or have the products delivered, and food surplus is diverted from the Waste stream!


Why should Food Businesses use FoodMesh?

Nature doesn’t have waste, so why do we? Throwing away food makes no sense! And in some places, it is now illegal! FoodMesh helps businesses find more optimal uses for wasted food with the click of a button.

Use FoodMesh to keep food out of the landfill, fight food insecurity, and benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Save time – eliminate excessive back and forth with an automatic system.
  • Recover Costs – the fee we charge is less than your disposal fees.
  • Simplify your tax receipts – FoodMesh streamlines the tax receipt process.
  • Build New Relationships – Access new relationships at the click of a mouse.
  • Track where your food goes/comes from.
  • Aggregate data.


Why should non-profits and charities use FoodMesh?

  1. Access more donations with less work 
  2. Control what food you receive and when
  3. Track where your donations come from
  4. Simplify your tax receipt process


Can anyone join?

Not exactly. To ensure our community is full of integral organizations, we vet everyone who registers before we verify them to use FoodMesh. We encourage food Suppliers, Distributors, Processors, Retailers, Grocers, Restaurants, Caterers, non-profits, social enterprises and charities in good standing to apply.


What does it cost?

SUPPLIERS – Access to FoodMesh, and donations, are 100% free to post. The expectation with FoodMesh is that you to offer your products for sale below cost. FoodMesh is available as an alternative to paying to dispose of or compost your overstock or products close to BBD.

Sales come with a nominal service fee of 15%, so please take that into account when you are pricing your products. Here’s a link to, HOW-TO CREATE A LISTING. In the future, we will introduce free and paid membership subscription packages where you can access enhanced features.

As we are updating and adding features to FoodMesh, we appreciate your patience and letting us know of any issues you come across by clicking on the ‘feedback’ link at the bottom of the page. 

CONSUMERS – it is free to register and to use FoodMesh. Payment is made using a credit card, just like any other online shopping site. We do not save your credit card details, and you receive a receipt from Stripe (our payment provider). There are minimum orders placed by each Supplier, and some have a minimum order for delivery, around $300. Pick up is the default option. If that’s not an option for you, please message the Supplier directly (on the page hit the MESSAGE button) to ask for options.


Register as a SUPPLIER:

When you are pricing your products for sale, take into account that we have a 15% fee. We take care of the payment process so you don’t have to, and we’ll issue your business with a check after your product sells on FoodMesh, minus the 15% fee (which includes GST). For any donations you list, we don’t take a fee. After our official launch, we will offer a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option, or a monthly fee that allows you to create as many listings as you want with reporting features and support.


What about Pick-up or Delivery?

SUPPLIERS – When creating a food surplus listing to our platform, you can choose whether you want to offer delivery or pick­up option, and indicate a date by when the food needs to be claimed. You can add the cost for delivery with a minimum order amount, in the DETAILS box on your listing page. The Consumer will then arrange with you for pick up or delivery, and may message you directly through the FoodMesh site with questions.


Register as a CONSUMER:

It’s free to register and only takes a minute, HERE. Once you’ve clicked on the return email to verify it, you will have access to the FoodMesh site within 24 hours (if you register on a Friday, it may take until Monday for your verification to go through).

You can then log on and browse what’s available to buy, and registered charities or non-profits can browse listings to buy, or claim donations. 


Will my information be safe?

Yes, we won’t share your data, such as your contact and existing donors lists, with anyone.  We also do not store any credit card data and are therefore PCI compliant.


What about liability?

 Thankfully, there is legislation called the Food Donor Encouragement Act that protects food donors from liability for damages caused by donations of apparently wholesome food that they donate in good faith.  


If you have any other questions, please click on the FEEDBACK link on the bottom of the page, or email: