Welcome to FoodMesh’s Retail Food Recovery Program

The purpose of this program is to help retailers ensure that none of their surplus food goes to waste.

We work with retailers to divert their unsold food to its highest end-use – first to people for meals, then to animals and finally to compost.

Your partner store would like you to track your donations so they can start to measure their impact.

Please fill out the form below and we will walk you through the steps to start weighing and recording your donations using the FoodMesh Diversion Tracker App.


Who is FoodMesh?

FoodMesh is a Vancouver-based Certified B Corporation, dedicated to reducing unnecessary food waste and feeding more.

How does the donation program work?

Each day, retailers sort their surplus food for a charity to collect it. The charity weighs and sorts the food and inputs the data into an easy-to-use Diversion Tracker App. The charity shares the donations amongst a network of other charities (and possibly farmers too). The retailer and charity have access to real-time metrics on the quantity of food being donated, where the donations are going and the impact they are having.

How does the sorting and tracking work?

By filling out the form above and following the steps provided, you will download and install the Diversion Tracker App. You will weigh donations according to the grocery store department (eg. Produce, Dairy, Bakery etc.) using a scale provided by the store. You will then record the weight of the donations using the app. An instructional video will be provided to walk you through how to use the app.

Have more questions?

The FoodMesh Champion at your store will be able to help answer any other questions you may have.