Food Recovery Hero of 2018!

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FoodMesh Flip

Lotus Light Charity

Contributed by Gia Tran, Volunteer since 2011, Lotus Light Charity Society (Vancouver)

“Our charity’s large milk distribution (over 6,350 lbs) in late November 2018 was largely thanks to FoodMesh, which enabled us to connect with the supplier and also allowed us to arrange part of the logistics to deliver this premium milk to several inner city schools in the poorest parts of Vancouver.

Subsequently, our charity was able to secure even larger amounts (nearly 17,000 lbs) in the first 2 weeks of December 2018 through FoodMesh. Milk, cheese, yoghurt and other groceries benefited 16 charitable organizations throughout the Lower Mainland.

For 2018, the FoodMesh platform has probably been the largest source from which our charity was able to receive food from various warehouses and food suppliers. Everything from frozen salmon sausages, croissants, cheese, coconut chips, fresh milk, yoghurt, canned goods, frozen strawberries and more!

Here is a photo of our Lotus Light Charity Society’s volunteer, Rowan Kitchener, with an Oppenheimer Park staff member with cheese & egg souffles that were sourced through FoodMesh.

This particular donation (250 lbs of four cheese egg souffle cooked in a croissant) helped feed over 400 homeless individuals that afternoon at Oppenheimer Park in the heart of the downtown eastside. The park staff were delighted to report that they were kept busier than usual with huge lineups for this amazing hot and nutritious meal (it’s vegetarian and easy to eat for people with almost no teeth due to lack of funds for dental care).”

Let’s build a community together, let’s make a difference together, and let’s reduce food waste by giving surplus food a second chance.