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Reduce your food waste and meet your sustainability goals by diverting your unsalable food to a network of organizations that can put it to its highest end-use

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Managed retail food diversion service

Don’t let your unsalable food end up in landfill when up to 65% of it is still perfectly edible. We can help you maximize the amount of food you divert to a network of charities first, then farmers so you can significantly reduce your food waste and maximize your impact.

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For the occasions you have large volumes of surplus food, our online B2B Marketplace connects you to a verified network of organizations to either buy that food at a reduced cost (so you can recover some of your costs) or claim it as a donation (if they are a charity).

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Because the stores are getting surplus food picked up every day, we are able to donate all of our perishable food with short shelf lives because it is literally making its way into someone’s hands that same day. Traditionally grocery stores never donated perishable products because it would go bad waiting to be picked up once a week.

Tom Truchan, Georgia Main Food Group

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