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The purpose of this program is to redirect surplus food from waste streams to its highest end use. First to people, then to farm animals and finally to industrial uses or compost.

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Who is FoodMesh?

FoodMesh is a Vancouver-based Benefit Corporation, dedicated to reducing unnecessary food waste and feeding more. We provide digital solutions that unite all elements of the food supply chain to help organizations quickly and easily divert their surplus food to the people in our communities who need it most.

How does the Retail Food Recovery Program work?

The Retail Food Recovery Program recovers all unsold food from grocery stores that would have otherwise gone to waste by donating it to charities or farmers. All donations are easily tracked using the FoodMesh Diversion Tracker app providing real-time data and metrics so that the stores can measure their impact.

This program is recovering over 90% of what was previously wasted food and diverting it to feed people and animals

Have more questions?

The Program Champion at your store will be able to help answer any other questions you may have.