How to create a listing

    Here’s some more information so you can start posting any food surplus you have on FoodMesh for donation or for sale.

    **When pricing your products, please keep in mind that we are here as an alternative for you to paying for compost or landfill, so please price your products on FoodMesh below cost.
    1. Log into the FoodMesh site, (and add it as a bookmark on your computer for future reference.)
    1. The first time you login, you should set up your organization's profile. We've added a few photos, company information, and a logo to get you started, but you can change them in USER SETTINGS. If you want to change your email address, name, phone number, etc., go to the and MANAGE MY PROFILE at the top right of the screen in the drop down menu. Don’t forget to add your shipping and pick up details under SHIPPING.
    1. You can create a 'Verified Network' group on the COMMUNITY page by checking the box on the far right of each organization you want in your Verified Network. This way, when you post a new listing you can choose your 'Verified Network' (on the listing creation page), to have the new listing notification email sent to everyone in your Verified Network only. Otherwise, you can choose to send a notification out to the whole FoodMesh network, you can enter email addresses separately, or, select Food Banks B.C. only (if you don't want other charities to see your listing who are not a B.C. Food Bank).
    ** Any listing you create with a $0 price will be restricted to be shown only to organizations that are non-profits, charities, or who prepare food on behalf of one.
    1. To create a listing, on the top right of the page, click on, NEW LISTING.
    1. Enter all the products details including photos and nutritional information (as a photo is fine) to sell or donate. There are tool tips to help you, otherwise click on the chatbot at the bottom of the page to ask for help.
    1. When you're finished entering all the information click on POST MY LISTING on the bottom of the page. Email notifications will be sent out at 1pm each day, of any new listings created. If you go back to change any information on your listing, Consumers will receive another update.
    1. You can view how your listing looks in the MY LISTINGS page, and you go to the green EDIT button under the time remaining to make changes to your listing whenever you want, and Consumers will be notified. You will be emailed when you need to RENEW your listing as well.
    1. That's it! Organizations will contact you through the message function if they have a question about your listing. Otherwise, they will purchase it with a credit card, and you'll get an email saying that someone has requested to buy a product. You will need to 'accept' their order, or not. They'll then be notified, payment will go through, and they’ll arrange for pickup or delivery, depending what options you offer.
    1. Once someone has bought a product or claimed a donation, it will still appear on MY LISTINGS page but will no longer appear on the BROWSE page. This way you can keep a record of what you've listed, and sold or donated. You can CLONE a product’s listing next time you want to sell it as well.
    9. The ORDERS page keeps track of any orders placed for your products.


    Any questions or concerns?
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