International Volunteer Day is on December 5, and the team at FoodMesh has pledged 150 volunteer hours to help get food to people in need. 
With the increasing demand on food charities right now, we invite you to do the same.

The Fraser Valley Regional District
Food Recovery Network

The FVRD was the first region to commit to building a stronger food network

About the Network

In partnership with FoodMesh, the FVRD is building a Food Recovery Network of Fraser Valley based businesses, charities and farmers to connect those with surplus food, kitchen equipment and packaging, with those who can use it.
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As a member of the network, depending on your organization's needs, you may participate in one or both of the following FoodMesh programs:

The FoodMesh Marketplace

Open to any business, charity or farmer, it's an online platform where you can buy, sell, donate, or claim donated unsold surplus food, kitchen equipment and packaging.
It's free to join the Marketplace!
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The Retail Food Recovery Program

Grocers donate all of their unsold fresh food daily. This reduces waste and the data collected informs best practices.
A Charity Hub collects the food, sorts and distributes it to other charities for meals, and/or to farmers for animal feed or compost
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Join the Network!

By September 2020, the FVRD Food Recovery Network is expected to:
  • Save 250,000kg of food from being thrown away
  • Provide 400,000 worth of meals to feed people
  • Divert 475,000 kg of CO2 from the environment

Businesses, Charities, Farmers – join if you need:

  • Food For Meals
  • Food For Animal Feed
  • Food For Compost
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Food Packaging
  • Food for resale

Suppliers, Processors, Retailers – join if you have:

  • Overstock
  • Mislabelled Products
  • Distressed Products
  • Imperfect Products
  • Used Kitchen Equipment
  • Unused Packaging

Join the Fraser Valley Regional District's Food Recovery Network

This project is helping the FVRD region reduce the amount of food waste being disposed of and finding higher uses that benefit the environment, our economy and communities”

Chair of the Fraser Valley Regional District Board, and City of Chilliwack Councillor - Jason Lum


Donation value
$5,0,356 far

Emissions saved
KG of Co2-E

meals provided
*meal size 600 gr

Food Rescued


58% of all food produced in Canada is never consumed
The Avoidable Food Crisis of Food Waste: Technical Report