The United Way Food Recovery Network

The United Way of the Lower Mainland is leading the way to tackle food security!

In partnership with FoodMesh, the United Way of the Lower Mainland is building a Food Recovery Network of charities to better connect those with food, to charities in need.
We're creating an online network to increase access for charities. This is a dedicated service for food and related needs.
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If you have any questions about this program, please call our concierge service: 1-844-888-MESH (6374)
By the end of December 2020, The United Way Food Recovery Network will:
  • Provide 25,000 meals to feed the clients of UWLM charity partners
  • Provide 6 Months of Digital ‘Concierge’ Service for UWLM agencies to help connect to resources
  • On-board interested agencies onto the Retail Food Recovery program in their community, and, the FoodMesh Marketplace.

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58% of all food produced in Canada is never consumed
The Avoidable Food Crisis of Food Waste: Technical Report

As a member of the United Way Food Recovery Network, you can also participate in one, or both of the programs:
The FoodMesh Marketplace: is open to any food business, charity or farmer, and is the online platform on which you can buy, sell, donate or claim donated unsold surplus food.
Food suppliers can choose to either sell their food to another business, or donate it to charity.
The Retail Food Recovery Program: Grocery stores donate all of their unsold food daily, so they don’t have to waste any of it.
A charity takes the food, is responsible for sorting it and distributing it to other charities for meals, and to farmers for animal feed or compost. This ‘lead’ charity responsible for sorting and distributing the food, and is paid for their time.