Daiya Foods – A Case Study

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Share This Post The Challenge As an industry leader in plant-based dairy alternatives, Daiya Foods is an ethically driven company that prioritises reducing their environmental impact and supporting their local community. However, as the company continued to expand, they started producing more surplus food that could not be sold but was still perfectly fit to be eaten, whether it was … Read More

How Daiya Foods is Preventing Waste While Feeding More

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Share This Post Food waste or loss is an issue that has been increasingly getting more attention in the media these days, and for good reason. The statistics are shockingly big; in Canada over 35 million metric tonnes of food, equivalent to 14,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools, is wasted on an annual basis across the food supply chain. While the economic … Read More

FoodMesh In The News!


The Vancouver Sun did an interview with our Founder, Jessica Pautsch, and a video as well! Here’s the article written by Gord McIntyre: Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.