A Richmond Recovery ‘Mesh’

Maria VerdicchioFood Recovery Program, MarketPlace, NEWS

Share This Post Founded in 1983, the Richmond Food Bank has been providing sustenance to a diverse range of clients within the community. Currently over 20,000 pounds of food items are distributed to their client base each week, of which a third are children. Their range of programs include a partnership with the Richmond School district. This program alone supports … Read More

Daiya Foods – A Case Study

meshadminLocal Food Hero, MarketPlace, NEWS

Share This Post The Challenge As an industry leader in plant-based dairy alternatives, Daiya Foods is an ethically driven company that prioritises reducing their environmental impact and supporting their local community. However, as the company continued to expand, they started producing more surplus food that could not be sold but was still perfectly fit to be eaten, whether it was … Read More

Fraser Valley Regional District’s Food Recovery Network

meshadminFood Recovery Program, MarketPlace, NEWS

Share This Post The issue of food waste is increasingly on the mind of businesses and governments alike and many are grappling with what they can do to address this issue. Local governments through Solid Waste Management Plans have set goals to reduce the amount of waste disposed and municipalities are now turning towards FoodMesh to help them achieve these … Read More