Watch now! Find alternate uses for your offcuts and unsalable food

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FoodMesh teamed up with the BC Food and Beverage Association to share some ideas for different ways food manufacturers and processors in Metro Vancouver can keep their surplus food out of waste streams. Featuring presentations by:

  • Megan Czerpak, FoodMesh
  • Chris Thompson, ReFeed Farms and Waste Collective
  • Michelle Reining, Vancouver Food Runners
  • Arielle Lok, Peko Produce
  • Christine Couvelier, Trendi

This event is in support of the Metro Vancouver Regional Food Recovery Network, as part of our work to help build the network of organizations participating in food recovery in the region.

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We would love to hear all the ways in which you are reducing food waste – either at home or at your organization. Share your tips using #MetroVanLovesFood