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We help organizations reduce their food waste, and feed more through these programs and services.


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Retail Food Recovery Program

We provide retailers with data to help them reduce the volume of their surplus food, and divert the surplus they have to organizations that can put that food to its highest end-use – first to charitable organizations to turn into meals, then to farmers for animal feed, and then to composters.

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Our online B2B Marketplace connects organizations that have surplus food to a FoodMesh-verified network of organizations to either buy that food at a reduced cost or claim it as a donation (if they are a charity).

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Wholesale Food Purchasing Program

We help charitable organizations purchase their most-needed food items directly from wholesalers at a reduced cost, and get access to any surplus food the wholesaler has, for donation or at a heavily discounted price.

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Regional Food Recovery Networks

We partner with municipalities and regional governments to help them build concentrated food recovery networks in their area. These regional networks bring local food businesses, charitable organizations and farmers together into a connected and efficient food system

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Special Projects

We work with governments, non-profit organizations and businesses on a wide range of special projects that support them in their unique food recovery and reporting needs. Let’s explore your idea on how we can work together to reduce food waste and feed more.

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