Wholesale Food Purchasing Program

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Helping charitable organizations buy food directly from wholesalers at wholesale prices.

How it works

Set up an account

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Complete account set-up form

Tell us where your orders will be delivered, who will be receiving them at your facility and your intended payment method

Set up my account
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Enrol in Pre-Authorized Debit

You will need to provide us with your payment information before you can place your first order. If you indicated in the account set-up form that you intend to pay via Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), you will receive an invoice for $5 to complete PAD enrollment. This $5 will be applied as a credit to your first order

How to enrol in Pre-Authorized Debit
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Get access to your order sheet

You will receive an email from FoodMesh with a link and password to access the order sheet, which lists all the products currently available to purchase

Place your order

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See what products are available

Download the order sheet to see what products are currently available. The order sheet is updated regularly to reflect the latest products and pricing, so you’ll need to download a new copy for every order

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Choose your products

Complete the order sheet, specifying how much you want of each item. If you want to save time for your next order, you can let us know you want to set up a standing order

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Submit order

Email your order sheet to us and we’ll get working right away to submit your order to our vendor(s) for processing

Email your completed order sheet to us
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Add surplus

If the vendor has any surplus food available for you to purchase at a discount, we will let you know so you can add it to the delivery of your existing order


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Delivery is coordinated

FoodMesh will work with vendor(s) to coordinate the delivery of their portion of your order (if you order from multiple vendors, there may be multiple deliveries).

Order lead time is 1-5 days (for fresh meat it could be up to 7 days)

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Your order is delivered

Deliveries are Monday through Saturday, between 8 am and noon, depending on your location.

We will do our best to accommodate any delivery window constraints

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When you receive your order

Check the products you receive against the bill of lading provided at the time of delivery, and report any discrepancies to FoodMesh within 24 hours


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Receive your invoice

Your invoice will be sent to you once your order has been delivered. 

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Pay for your order

Pay for your order using Pre-Authorized Debit or credit card.

How to pay using Pre-Authorized Debit
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See what products are available

View the order sheet

Forgot your password? Email us and we’ll send it to you.

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Contact the Help Desk

Need help with your order? We’re here for you

Email us

Call us at 1-844-888-6374 (extension 4)

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Share your feedback

We will work rigorously to improve this program, using your feedback on what works and what needs refinement. If something’s not working for you, we want to know about it

Email your feedback


What products can I buy through this program?

Browse your order sheet to see a selection of the products available. The lists are updated every week, to reflect the latest products and pricing available to you.

Use the tabs along the bottom of the list to find the different types of products on offer, organized by vendor.

I don't see the product I'm looking for. Is this everything you offer?

There are over 6000 products currently available to order that are not included in the order sheet. The list above was carefully curated by FoodMesh, to include your most-needed products, so it’s easier for you to review.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for on the list, contact us and we will check if it’s available.

Special requests are also welcome but could take extra time to fulfill.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Each vendor has its own minimum order amount. Please refer to the order sheet for more details.

How do I place an order?

  • Download the order sheet;
  • Use the tabs along the bottom of the order sheet to find the different products available, separated by vendor;
  • Fill the sheet out, indicating which and how many products you’d like to order;
  • Save the order sheet to your computer;
  • Email orders@foodmesh.ca and attach your completed order sheet to the email;
  • We will submit your order to the relevant vendor(s) on your behalf

What happens if you are out of stock on an item I ordered?

In the event that our vendors don’t have the full quantity of your order, we will work with the vendor(s) to find a reasonable substitute (unless you stipulate ‘no substitutes’ when you submit your order).

If there is a reasonable price difference between the product you ordered and the substitute, FoodMesh will seek your permission before proceeding.

How does delivery work?

FoodMesh will work directly with each vendor you order from to arrange the delivery of their portion of your order. Each vendor delivers separately, so depending on how many vendors you order from, there may be multiple deliveries.

Delivery can be as quick as 1-2 business days, depending on product availability. Meat orders can take up to 7 days, as meat is processed to order.

Deliveries are Monday through Saturday, between 8 am and noon, depending on your location.

We’ll do our best to accommodate any delivery window constraints you have.

Please note: Deliveries are a part of the regular delivery schedule that the wholesaler provides to grocery stores, so we cannot provide exact delivery times.

What do I do if there are mistakes in my order?

Please check your delivered products against the bill of lading provided at the time of delivery. Once you’ve signed off, you may not have recourse, so please make sure you have received what you’ve ordered, and if there are shorts, check it is indicated on your bill of lading.

If you notice any discrepancies between what you ordered and what you receive, please call FoodMesh’s help desk at 1-844-888-6374 (extension 4) or email us at orders@foodmesh.ca within 24 hours.

How competitive are the prices of the products available?

Through this program, charitable organizations are able to buy products directly from wholesalers, taking advantage of their wholesale pricing. When vendors have surplus products, then there are further opportunities for cost savings.

How does the food I buy through this service compare to what I get from the grocery store?

When you buy food through this program, you’re purchasing it from wholesalers before it even gets to the grocery stores.

Occasionally, our vendors will offer surplus products that can’t be sold in grocery stores, which you will have the option to buy at a discounted price, and add to the delivery of your existing orders. We will let you know when this surplus becomes available.

I thought FoodMesh dealt with surplus food only. Why are you selling wholesale food?

The outbreak of COVID-19 demonstrated the fragility of the food supply chain, where suppliers had huge volumes of food, and their avenues for selling it – foodservice and others – shut down. They were having to throw food away while an increasing number of people were unable to put food on the table.

The Wholesale Food Purchasing Program was developed in direct response to that emergency, to help ensure that the food supply has direct access to the most vulnerable consumers. The infrastructure, processes and systems created through this program mean that – should a blockage in the food supply chain ever happen again – food security charities continue to have direct access to an affordable supply of food for their programming, and suppliers have direct access to people who can put their food to good use.

Learn more about the Wholesale Food Purchasing Program and the problem it is trying to solve on the Quirky Pear blog.