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Buy, sell and donate surplus food products quickly and easily.

Who the Marketplace is for

Food suppliers, distributors, processors, retailers, grocers, restaurants, caterers, charities, non-profit organizations and social enterprises can use the Marketplace as a supplier and/or consumer.
Select the option that applies to you for more information.

I have surplus food

How it works

If you have large quantities of surplus food on an ad hoc basis, the Marketplace connects you with a network of verified organizations to take that food. You can choose to either sell it at a discounted price and recover some of your costs, or donate it to a charitable organization.

Number 1

You create a listing for the product(s) you are looking to sell or donate, including product specs, quantity, photos, and the terms for delivery.

How to create a listing

Number 2

Notify organizations about your new listing (only charitable organizations will be notified if your product is for donation)

Number 3

Our network of verified users can purchase the products you are selling using their credit cards. Products listed for donation can be claimed by charities only. They will contact you directly to coordinate pickup or delivery.

Number 4

Your surplus food is put to good use – yey!

Benefits of using the Marketplace

Choose to either try to sell your surplus food, packaging and equipment (and recover some of your costs) or donate it

Connect quickly and easily to verified customers and donation recipients

Decrease your disposal and compost fees

Control who can see your listings

Track your sales and donations

Get charitable tax receipts for your donations

Green cabbage

Get started

Log in to your Marketplace account to create a new listing.

If you’re a first-time user, you can share details of your surplus product using this form, and we will create your first listing for you.

FAQ for suppliers

How to create a listing

If you’re a first-time user, you can share details of your surplus product using this form, and we will create your first listing for you. We’ll be in touch before we make the listing live, so you can see what it looks like.

If you’re a returning user, you can simply log into your account and create your new listing there.

For help, please refer to these detailed instructions.

How to price products

We ask sellers to offer products at 50% or more below cost. The Marketplace is not intended to be a platform to make profit, but rather to help you recover some of your costs, and save money that you would otherwise pay to dispose of the food.

How much it costs

It is completely free to donate products through the Marketplace. Products that you sell through the Marketplace however, are subject to a 15% service fee.

How delivery works

When you create your listing, you can choose to either have your product available for pick up and/or offer to deliver it.

How payment works

For products that you sell on the Marketplace, we will issue your business with a cheque for the amount you sold it for, minus the 15% service fee (which includes GST), once your product leaves your warehouse.

If there is an issue with food you donate

There is a legislation called the Food Donor Encouragement Act that protects food donors from liability for damages caused by donations of apparently wholesome food that they donate in good faith.

How your organization’s information is kept confidential

The information you input into the Marketplace will not be shared with anyone outside of FoodMesh.

“FoodMesh has enabled us to reach more charities by simplifying how we donate food, increasing our traceability, and helping us gather KPI on our social and environmental metrics. We no longer have to spend time calling multiple charities and then track outside of our system. All of the metrics and transactions are gathered efficiently via the Marketplace

– Johanne Pilon, Temple Brands

I am looking for food

How it works

Browse a wide range of products that are available for you to buy at a low cost. If you are a charitable organization, you will also be able to view and claim food available for donation.

Number 1

Browse a wide range of suppliers’ surplus products that are available for sale or donation.

Number 2

Review the supplier’s terms, including minimum order size and whether the supplier is willing to negotiate on quantity and price.

Number 3

Select your desired product(s), contact the supplier to arrange pick up (or delivery, if they offer it), and go to the checkout.

Number 4

Securely use your credit card to pay for products you choose to purchase.

Benefits of using the Marketplace

Decrease your food procurement costs - buy or receive donated food, equipment and packaging

Completely free to use - you only pay for the items you choose to buy

Access high-quality products

Make informed, pressure-free decisions

Follow companies you know and trust

Veggies at store

Get started

Register for the Marketplace so you can view active listings.

To be eligible to receive donations, we will need to verify that you are a charitable organization, which we will do as part of your account set up.

FAQ for consumers

Who can claim donations through the Marketplace

To access food donations via the Marketplace, you must be either:

  • a registered charity
  • a non-profit organization
  • a social impact business
  • another type of organization using the donations for a social impact cause

How to browse listings on the Marketplace

You need to create an account on the Marketplace before you can browse the listings. Signing up is quick, easy and completely free to do.
Register for the Marketplace

Once you’ve clicked on the return email to verify it, you will have access to browse listings within 24 hours (if you register on a Friday, it may take until Monday for your verification to go through).

You can then log in to the Marketplace and browse what’s available to buy. If you’re a registered charity or a non-profit organization, you can also browse products that are listed for donation.

How to buy/claim a donated product

Add your desired products to your shopping cart. When you are ready to process your order, click on the shopping cart icon in the top right corner of the Marketplace. Review your order, and click on the ‘Checkout’ button, and follow the steps to submit your order.

How payment works

There are minimum orders placed by each supplier, and some offer O.B.O. on quantity and price – so you can put in an offer.

You can complete the payment for paid products using a credit card. Your card is charged once the supplier ‘accepts’ your order.

Once the payment is processed, you will receive a receipt directly from Stripe (our payment provider).

How delivery works

On the details of the listing you are interested in, the supplier chooses whether they offer delivery or pickup only. Please message the supplier directly if you have any questions about their chosen option.

How your organization’s information is kept confidential

The information you input into the Marketplace will not be shared with anyone outside of FoodMesh.

How to issue a tax receipt to a supplier for the donations you receive from them

We’ve created a pre-formatted receipt that you can easily fill in to create a tax receipt to give to suppliers for donations you receive from them. Follow these steps:

  • Please download the file and save this form to your computer
  • Save a copy with the name of the supplier who donated the food to you
  • Fill in the form in the grey shaded areas
  • Save it as a .pdf.
  • Upload it to the Marketplace on the order receipt that it pertains to
  • The supplier will then receive an email notification that you’ve uploaded it for them, and they can download it and keep it for their records.

Have a question?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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