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FoodMesh provides apps, programs and services that helps businesses and charities safely donate, claim donations, buy and sell products

FoodMesh can connect, coordinate, and track food recovery for your business or charity.

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Did you know?

58% of all food produced is never eaten!


FoodMesh is your donation and procurement solution

Your business or charity can sign up to buy, sell, donate, or claim donated unsold surplus food, through our online Marketplace and Retail Food Recovery Program.

Your environmental metrics are tracked and measured to show how you’ve helped feed more, save money and waste less.

Our Impact

As a shared value enterprise, we have a blended bottom-line. We measure the economic, social, and environmental impact of our work.


Meals provided


Food rescued (KG)


Emissions saved CO2-E (KG)


Money saved


  • “For 2018, the FoodMesh platform has probably been the largest source from which our charity was able to receive food from various warehouses and food suppliers.
    Everything from frozen salmon sausages, croissants, cheese, coconut chips, fresh milk, yoghurt, canned goods, frozen strawberries and more!”
    – Gia Tran, Lotus Light Charity
  • “FoodMesh has enabled us to reach more charities by simplifying how we donate food, increasing our traceability, and helping us gather KPI on our social and environmental metrics. We no longer have to spend time calling multiple charities and then track outside of our system. All of the metrics and transactions are gathered efficiently via the FoodMesh portal.”
    -Johanne Pilon, Temple Brands
  • I really love FoodMesh !! My first donation pickup was worth just over $9000 and the clients LOVED the items !!!’
    -Avalon Lawrence,
    Mission Community Services Society
  • “As the mayor of Richmond and Chair of the National Zero Waste Council…I personally endorse Mesh for taking a needed approach to addressing (food waste) that affects us all.”
    -Mayor Malcom Brodie, Richmond

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Brands on FoodMesh

Join the 650+ businesses across Canada who are choosing to “Mesh” surplus rather than waste it. These are some of the progressive brands on the network: