Managed retail food diversion service

Professional organic waste removal and diversion

45% of food typically discarded by retailers is still edible.

Don’t let that food go to waste when 1 in 8 people in Canada is going hungry.

We can help you divert more of your unsalable food to local charities, so it can help to feed the people in our communities who need it most.

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Save money

Our managed diversion services can help you reduce your waste-hauling fees by up to 40%

Already have a donation program in place?

We can help you divert whatever organic waste is left over to local farmers, so you can save money on your waste hauling fees.

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We help you minimize waste and maximize impact

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We match you to a network of charities first, then farmers to collect your unsalable food from your dock, up to 7 days a week

We manage that network and ensure there is minimal disruption to your staff and store operations

We measure your donations and the impact they have for your sustainability reports and marketing materials

Exceed your sustainability goals

You can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions seven-fold by diverting your unsold food to charities

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Reduce the volume of food going to waste

Our in-store training will help your staff know what is safe to donate, so they can keep more food out of the garbage bin and onto the plates of people who need it.

Maximize your community impact

Build on your existing donation program or connect to a network of new organizations to donate to.

Food that’s still edible will go to charities to be turned into meals (and we financially compensate them for recording donation data, to help you maximize your community impact). Where possible, the food that’s left will go to farmers for animal feed.

Reliable pick ups

We help to ensure that your unsalable food is consistently collected on the schedule you decide, so no food is left sitting on your dock.

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Minimal impact on staff

Store staff don’t have to waste time broadcasting the availability of donations. Your unsalable food will be collected on the schedule you decide, so your staff can go about their day without disruption.

Pick up scheduling and data collection managed for you

We manage your donation recipients and collection of data so your staff don’t have to. All they have to do is put food aside, ready for collection.

Ongoing support when you need it

Whenever your stores, staff and charity partners need support, we’re here for you.

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Significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

You will save approximately 3 metric tonnes of CO2e from entering the atmosphere for every metric ton of food that you donate. And so, by donating your unsalable food to charities instead of sending it to a landfill, you can reduce your organization’s carbon footprint seven-fold.

Track what you're donating with verifiable and auditable data

Get detailed data on the food you are diverting for your sustainability reports. Track the volume of your donations, the departments it comes from, where it goes and the impact it is having.

Tell the world what you're doing

Get cause marketing materials to help you shout from the rooftops about the great work you’re doing to support your local community and the environment.

With the increase in commercial organic bans, waste hauling costs are increasing by up to 65%

Our managed retail food diversion services can help you maximize the volume of food you’re keeping out of waste streams

What our clients are saying

Not only was this program clearly the right thing to do, we also discovered it was saving our staff time. They weren’t having to depackage all of the food to put it into organic waste.

Tom Truchan, Georgia Main Food Group

A valuable, extremely necessary program that benefits all who are involved.

Kevin Thomasson, Save-On-Foods Northgate, Winnipeg

Did you know?

For every $1 companies invest in reducing food waste, they save $14


Celebrate your successes with the public

Whether through media engagement, in store-posters or blog posts, we will help you scream from the rooftops about the great work you’re doing to reduce your food waste.

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Wherever you are on your food waste reduction journey, our service can be customized to meet your goals. Let’s get started today.