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Food Recovery Network

The Regional District of North Okanagan has provided funding to support the building of a strong food-recovery network with FoodMesh.

FoodMesh is building a food recovery network of North Okanagan-based businesses, charities, and farmers to connect those with surplus food quickly and efficiently to those in the region who need it.


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photo of buy-low foods staff in vernon with Salvation Army Vernon Community Church volunteers
Salvation Army Vernon Community Church picking up food that its local Buy-Low Foods store in Vernon is no longer able to sell, but is still perfectly edible, to be shared with people in need.

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Joining the network is completely free.

All you need to do is complete a quick form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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When you’re part of the network, you can take advantage of the following services:

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For your wholesale volumes of surplus food, our online B2B Marketplace will connect you to organizations to take that food. You can choose to sell it at a reduced cost or donate it.

Sign up if you’re a:

Food business of any kind

Hunger-relief organization

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Managed Diversion Services

If you are a grocery retailer, we can help you significantly reduce your daily food waste by diverting the maximum volume of your unsalable food to local hunger-relief organizations and hobby farmers.

Sign up if you’re a:

Grocery retailer

Hunger-relief organization

Hobby farmer

Learn more about Managed Diversion Services

If FoodMesh’s services can’t help you with your unique food recovery needs, we will draw on our extensive network to try to connect you to an organization that can.

Organizations in the region participating in food recovery

This interactive map shows a directory of organizations in North Okanagan that are known to be participating in food recovery, by either donating their unsold food or rescuing surplus food. Click on the icon on the map to learn more about the organization.

Those labeled ‘FoodMesh verified’ are working with us, either on our Marketplace or through Managed Diversion Services. To see the impact these organizations are having, select ‘Impact Metrics’ on the left-hand menu.

Free access to FoodMesh services and technology for 10 organizations

Number 1

Grocery retailers

We are offering five retailers free access to our managed retail food diversion service. We can help you maximize the volume of your unsold food going to people who need it most in your local community, at no cost to you.

Number 2

Hunger-relief organizations

We are also offering five hunger-relief organizations exclusive access to FoodMesh’s custom-built Donation Tracking app, so you can keep track of the volume of food you are receiving from all of your donors, to help with your reporting and grant-writing processes.

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We welcome hobby farmers to our network, to rescue food that is no longer suitable for human consumption. Here, Save-On-Foods' donations are being enjoyed by the animals of a local farm.

Business spotlights

There are a lot of organizations in the North Okanagan that are doing outstanding work to keep surplus food out of waste streams. Meet some of them here:

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