Welcome to FoodMesh’s Retail Food Recovery Program

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This program is helping grocery stores divert their perishable food to the highest end use and streamline their donation process.

We’d love for you to join and be a part of the program and continue to receive food donations.

How it works

Your local retailer has decided to implement the FoodMesh Retail Food Recovery Program at their store. The goal of this program is to help the store streamline its donation process by having a lead charity pick up all food donations from the store and then redistribute this food to their clients and other local charities. All donated food is also weighed, sorted and tracked using the FoodMesh Diversion Tracker app, allowing the stores and charities to track actual donation volumes.

FoodMesh is working to identify one Lead Charity partner that is the designated lead to pick up from the store on a scheduled basis to cover pickups up to 7 days a week. If you’re interested in continuing to receive food donations, we’d love to hear more about your capacity by filling out the form below.

Once you have filled in the form we will be sure to be in touch to provide you with more information and the timeline on launching the program at your store.

More information on how the program works

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Check out Save On Foods’ experience of the ‘Retail Food Recovery Program’! All perishables from Save On Foods are diverted on a daily basis to charities and farmers for animal feed.