Farmer expectations

Process for Farm Feed Pickups at the Prince George Salvation Army

  1. Let a staff member know you have arrived.
  2. Check the sign-in sheet to see if there are any more farmers arriving after you. Please be courteous and make sure there is enough farm feed available for the next farmers.
  3. Please sign the sheet prior to leaving.
  4. Farm feed closest to the loading bay door needs to be taken first. If you’re unsure which food has priority, please ask a staff member.
  5. Feel free to borrow the large bins beside the bay door, however please return with them for your next pickup. Do not take any Rubbermaid bins or flip-top totes.

Please note:

  • FoodMesh staff work Monday to Friday, but are not available on weekends. If you need to contact us about a pickup on a weekend day, please do so by 12:00 pm the Friday prior. If you need to find a substitute farmer for a weekend pickup, please use the farmer backup list provided in the welcome email.
  • The Food Bank tries to make sure that everyone gets some farm feed when they pickup. However, the products available will vary from day to day, based on what has been donated from stores. If you have concerns with what is available, please talk to a staff member.
  • It is important to share the farm feed with the remaining farmers that day. We thank you for being considerate of the other farmers.

Volunteers & Donations Needed

The Salvation Army always appreciates volunteers. In recognition of the benefits that the farm feed program provides to the farming community, the Salvation Army would be very grateful for donations of time or materials to the program. Please talk to a staff member if you’d like to help out.