Frequently Asked Questions

Using FoodMesh

  1. Post listings of your surplus food – Suppliers add details and photos of the products they are offering to sell or donate.
  2. Notify Consumers – Suppliers can select the Consumers they want to allow access to view and receive notifications of their listings, or choose every organization in the Community. Email notifications are automatically sent to Consumers once the listing is posted.
  3. Exchange – Consumers purchase products using their credit card through Stripe, and non-profits or charities claim donations.
  4. Success – A Supplier chooses to ACCEPT, ADJUST or DECLINE an order.  Consumers pick up or have the products delivered. 


The expectation with FoodMesh is that Sellers offer products for 50% below your fair market value.

FoodMesh is an alternative to paying to dispose of, or compost, your surplus products and helps your business recover costs and expand connections.

Sellers can also choose to purchase products as well.


There are minimum orders offered by each Supplier, and some offer O.B.O. (or best offer) on quantity and price – so put in an offer on price and minimum order! 

Suppliers choose the type of delivery they want to offer, and pick up is the default option. (If there are no options that suit you, you can message the Supplier directly to ask for options.)

Payment is made using a credit card, just like any other online shopping site. We use Stripe as our payment processor, and we don’t store your credit card details, but you can have Stripe save them.

Once a Supplier receives your order request, they have the option to ACCEPT, DECLINE or ADJUST your order. If they choose to ACCEPT your request, you’ll receive an email and you can then arrange pick up or delivery.

Your card is not charged until the Supplier accepts your order, and then your receipt is emailed to you. 

You’ll always have a copy of your orders on the ORDERS page, and you can download a copy of them there as well.

Please Note: Arranging FoodMesh orders or transactions outside the FoodMesh order system is considered fee avoidance, and may result in the suspension or termination of your account and subject you to other collection mechanisms.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at or go through our Connect page