Managed organic waste program

Professional organic waste removal and diversion

Want to save money on your organic waste?

For retailers with an existing donation program in place, we can help you divert whatever food you can’t give to charity, by connecting you to a network of local farmers to collect whatever organic waste is left over.

That means you can divert more away from waste streams, and spend less on your monthly waste-hauling fees.

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As much as a third of your organic waste could be used for animal feed

Save money

Our managed diversion services can help you reduce your waste-hauling fees by up to 40%

Don’t have a donation program set up yet?

We can help you divert the maximum volume of unsalable food that is still edible to local charities before farmers take what’s left, so you can save money and increase your community impact.

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How it works

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You determine how often you want your organic waste collected

We build and connect you to a network of local farmers to collect your inedible food directly from your dock on the schedule you decide

Your waste hauling fees go down

They weigh the food they pick up

You get reports on the volume of food they are rescuing and we look for new ways to save you money

Financial benefits: A case study

The problem

With waste transportation, equipment, and disposal costs on the rise, one large Canadian retailer asked FoodMesh to help it find more cost-effective ways of disposing of its organic waste, while also delivering on its sustainability promise to keep as much of its unsalable food out of landfill as possible.

Our solution

FoodMesh built a network of local farmers to collect this retailer’s inedible organics directly from each store, to use for animal feed. The collection of the food was scheduled according to the unique organic waste needs of each store, and FoodMesh worked with each farmer to ensure the food was collected consistently on that schedule. The retailer’s existing edible food donation program continued as normal.

The results

Through working with FoodMesh to divert its inedible organics to local farmers, this retailer saw its monthly waste costs go down across its stores. One store reported cost savings of an average of $800 every month.

Waste hauling fees for one store on FoodMesh’s managed organic waste program

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