November 2018 Release Notes – Release v1.8.0

NEW For Suppliers and Consumers

BROWSE Listings page:

  • Has a grid, list, and map view!
    • The selected view option will be saved so that if:
      • Grid view is selected, it will also be selected on My Listings page.
      • Map view is selected, it will also be selected on Community page.
  • The ‘Add to Cart’ button, immediately adds the minimum quantity to your cart.


  • Has a list and map view
    • View option saved here so that if map is selected, the user will also see a map on the browse page
  • You can now see your own company in the list


  • Location hours has an ‘Apply to All Days’ button to apply the hours selected on MONDAY to all the other days that are NOT closed


  • You can now login by connecting your LinkedIn account!

NEW For Suppliers


  • Has a grid and a list view
  • Added a ‘deleted listings’ filter, so you will never lose track of listings you may have mistakenly deleted

SHOP page added to our marketing site,

    • This is to encourage potential businesses to register on FoodMesh. Right now there is no way for ‘unregistered’ businesses to see the type of products available.
    • Suppliers can opt out of having their listings publicly viewable, but not accessible, on their Accounts Management -> Company Profile page:

    • Publicly Viewable Listings

    Listing DETAILS Page:

    • A comment section has been added so users can have a conversation about the product.

    Listing Create/Update:

    • Suppliers now need to put a minimum of 50% off the product’s market value. This is to encourage more sales, and less waste

    Please get in touch if you have any questions about these new features.

    – The FoodMesh Team