International Volunteer Day is on December 5, and the team at FoodMesh has pledged 150 volunteer hours to help get food to people in need. 
With the increasing demand on food charities right now, we invite you to do the same.

Release Notes for The FoodMesh Marketplace

Release v1.14.0 – 


  • A consumer charity can now upload a tax receipt for the supplier to download

  • A supplier that gave away a donation can request a tax receipt from the consumer charity


  • When a consumer clicks on the + New Listing button, they are able to request to become a supplier from the popup displayed

  • Listing cities can now be searched for in the search bar


  • Company cities can now be searched for in the search bar

Bugs Fixed

  • CSV Fresh Sheet download can now be downloaded without errors

  • Companies that were receiving notifications and then stopped receiving them will now receive the notifications as expected.

  • Messages Inbox: The Message button now works as expected.


Release v1.13.0 – June. 3, 2019


  • The company profile now shows a list of at most 4 listings that the company has posted recently

    • The logged in user will only see the listings that they are able to see

    • There is a “View More” button, if there are more than 4 listings available, that takes the user to a filtered view of the browse page, which searches for the company name

    • Since Consumers (that are NOT suppliers), don’t have listings, there is no change to this page


  • Listings can now be searched with spelling mistakes, searches are performed on the Listing Name, Listing Description, and the Company Name


  • Companies can now be searched with spelling mistakes, searches are performed on the  Company Name

Bugs Fixed

  • CSV Fresh Sheet download is possible now due to the unicode support (see DevOps below)

  • Companies with slashes in their name are now able to download the PDF Fresh Sheet without errors

  • When the add to cart button is clicked the actual qty that remains, rather than the predefined min quantity, is added to the cart when the total available quantity is less than the min quantity

  • When the eye is clicked it now works as it should no matter how far down the list you are on the My Listings page

Release v1.12.0 – May. 2, 2019


  • When Consumer checks out a ‘Share Impact Metrics’ popup is displayed on the Receipt page. Consumers can share their purchase/donation metrics on Twitter


  • A ‘spinner’ is displayed when map view is loading
  • Added the location slider when ‘geofiltering’ by city
  • Added location indicator to grid view


      • When a listing is sold out, the listing visibility is changed to closed and any emails notifications that are in queue, are now deleted. Now, Consumers won’t receive notifications when a listing has already sold out.


    • Added a new message to the Log In page about where to register
    • Added a message to the Registration page about the Food Recovery program

    Bugs Fixed:

    • Register Page: Changed the top right link to Log In instead of Register
    • Log In Page: changed the top right link to Register instead of Log In.

    Release v1.11.0 – release date: March 28, 2019


    • Suppliers can adjust an order, allowing them to decrease the quantity or remove items
      • The supplier can adjust the order from pressing the button on the email, selecting it in the drop down of statuses, or clicking the button on the order detail page
    • Consumers can then Accept or Cancel and Adjusted Order
    • This also updates the shipping cost if the order has been adjusted to an amount that was no longer eligible for the current shipping
    • Added produced and use by dates to the Order receipt


    • Grid view is now the default view on the Browse page
    • Changed the wording for preferred quantity and min order to just ‘quantity’
    • Moved the comments box to the bottom of the Listing Detail page


    • Added a Documents page that will contain anything that can help you become a super FoodMesh User!

    Bugs Fixed:

    • Fixed the logo being cut off on the Shop and Registration pages

    January Release v1.10.0 – Release Date: January 30th, 2019


    Creating a listing:

    • You can now enter up to 5 categories for a listing

    Bugs Fixed:

    • When using a custom company as the visibility option, for listings, the companies selected were not shown. This is now fixed.


    Bug Fixed:

    • You could not enter a smaller min order when the listing was set to OBO. It is fixed now to allow you to enter something smaller than the expected minimum quantity.


    • You now have the ability to download a Fresh Sheet in .csv format, and .pdf

    December Release v1.9.0 – Release Date: Dec. 28, 2018

    New Listing Form:

    • Added Unit and Other as options for UOM

    • Ability to view a preview of images BEFORE posting

    • Updated all Tooltips

    Update Listing:

    • When deleting a listing, a prompt is displayed to confirm deletion

    Browse Listings:

    • Ability to Filter listings by

      • FREE

      • Delivery Options Available

    • Made the Map View links easier to see

    • Allows spelling mistakes on searching by city under the LOCATION filter

    • Ability to clear the LOCATION filter but keep other filters on listings


    • Made the Map View links easier to see
    • Allows spelling mistakes on searching by city under the LOCATION filter
    • Ability to clear the LOCATION filter but keep other filters on listings


    • Added the ability to Download a Receipts, this is for ALL of the orders on the receipt page


    • Added the ability to Download a receipt for a specific order, this is for only the order on that page
    • Listing Detail
    • When deleting a listing, a prompt is displayed to confirm deletion
    • Added a banner to show if delivery is included
    • Add created and last modified dates
    • If there are no other listings by this supplier, there is a button to follow or unfollow that company to receive notifications next time they post a listing

    Accounts Management

    User Accounts:

    • Easily change Primary Contact to another user by toggling the checkbox


    • Ability to delete a shipping method now, a prompt is displayed BEFORE it is removed

    Private Network:

    • Easily add a company to a list when a company is selected


    • New, simpler login page

    November 2018 Release Notes – Release v1.8.0

    BROWSE Listings page:

    • Has a grid, list, and map view!
      • The selected view option will be saved so that if:
        • Grid view is selected, it will also be selected on My Listings page.
        • Map view is selected, it will also be selected on Community page.
    • The ‘Add to Cart’ button, immediately adds the minimum quantity to your cart.

    COMMUNITY page:

    • Has a list and map view
      • View option saved here so that if map is selected, the user will also see a map on the browse page
    • You can now see your own company in the list


    • Location hours has an ‘Apply to All Days’ button to apply the hours selected on MONDAY to all the other days that are NOT closed


    • You can now login by connecting your LinkedIn account!

    NEW For Suppliers

    MY LISTINGS page:

    • Has a grid and a list view
    • Added a ‘deleted listings’ filter, so you will never lose track of listings you may have mistakenly deleted

    SHOP page added to our marketing site,

      • This is to encourage potential businesses to register on FoodMesh. Right now there is no way for ‘unregistered’ businesses to see the type of products available.
      • Suppliers can opt out of having their listings publicly viewable, but not accessible, on their Accounts Management -> Company Profile page: Publicly Viewable Listings

    Listing DETAILS Page:

    • A comment section has been added so users can have a conversation about the product.

    Listing Create/Update:

    • Suppliers now need to put a minimum of 50% off the product’s market value. This is to encourage more sales, and less waste

    Please get in touch if you have any questions about these new features.

    – The FoodMesh Team