Retail Food Recovery Program

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Helping retailers reduce their food waste and ensure that their unsalable food is put to its highest end-use.

How it works

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Each day, retailers sort their surplus food for a charitable organization to collect it.

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The charitable organization weighs and sorts the food, and shares it amongst a network of other charitable organizations (and possibly farmers too).

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The retailer and charitable organization have access to real-time metrics on the quantity of food being donated, where the donations are going and the impact they are having.

Join the Retail Food Recovery Program

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Reduce the volume of your surplus food and ensure what you are unable to sell gets put to the best possible use.
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Charitable organizations

Get a regular and reliable supply of safe and nutritious food donations for your programs.
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Get regular and reliable perishable food donations for your animals.
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Compost fruit


Get regular and reliable food supplies for composting.
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This partnership meant that a store was not just donating to just one charity, but dozens of charities. A store could never manage that on its own

– Tom Truchan, Georgia Main Food Group

The Retail Food Recovery Program in action

“Feeding families not landfills”

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