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A disproportionate amount of food is wasted at the best of times, but over the holiday season, that number increases by around 25%. Use these tips to reduce your festive food waste footprint this year....

This Saskatchewan-based food bank is seeing a sharp decline in the volume of food people are donating to them. Their partnership with FoodMesh has helped to increase their access to food donations, but they are in need of more. NorthEastNow reports...

Meet James, FoodMesh's Head of Product. When he's not developing new product and service solutions to address customer problems, you may find him camping or enjoying some Japanese food....

Meet Megan, FoodMesh's Head of Communications. When she's not sharing stories about the impact of the amazing organizations FoodMesh works with, you'll probably find her dancing in the kitchen with her kids or trying to paint (another piece of) rescued furniture bright turquoise. ...

Over 80,000 metric tonnes of pumpkins are produced in Canada each year. For National Pumpkin Day, FoodMesh's Nikki shares her ideas for how we can help minimize our pumpkin waste this fall. ...