Calling hunger-relief organizations in Metro Vancouver

📣 Are you a charitable organization in Metro Vancouver involved in food recovery?

You are invited to participate in an exciting study that we are collaborating on with UBC’s Master of Food and Resource Economics program, on the economics of food recovery in Metro Vancouver.

The objective of the study is to quantify an aggregated cost-benefit ratio of charities’ food recovery operations to demonstrate the enormous value organizations like yours are bringing to the region, from an environmental, social, and economic perspective. Our hope is that the study will provide this food recovery community with important intelligence on the vital role you are playing in the health of our society, through your work.

The survey is being administered by UBC. Any information you share will be used only for the purpose of this study only, and reported in aggregate. The survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

Complete the survey before July 12

Have a question about how the information will be used? Do not hesitate to contact us.