Get to know: Eric Douglas

Get to know the FoodMesh team

Meet Eric, FoodMesh’s Business Analyst. Eric collects and collates data that helps FoodMesh make informed business decisions and ensure that we are doing the most we can to serve the needs of our customers.

Find out what he enjoys most about his work, his top tips for reducing food waste, and his favourite food to eat in the whole wide world. 

Year you started working at FoodMesh

Contractor since 2019, hired full time in 2021

What you do at FoodMesh

I collect, collate and use data to drive business decisions and increase FoodMesh’s value to customers

Where you were born

New Westminister, BC

The top three values that drive you

1. Honesty – is what I am doing truthful and honest?

2. Impact – is what I am doing contributing to a better world?

3. Service – is what I am doing adding value to the people around me?

Your top tip for reducing food waste

Normally buy perishables in low quantity, high frequency, with their use pre-determined. If good opportunities come along for bulk purchases, set aside some time to preserve (pickling, dehydrating, freezing)

Your favourite thing about the job

I know that the work I am doing is contributing to a better world. I believe strongly in the idea and imperative of a circular economy, and FoodMesh is helping to get us there. Each day I am faced with new and unique problems to solve. I am pushed creatively and mentally to find solutions. It forces me to keep learning and continues to grow my skill set and confidence.

Your favourite way to use up food in your fridge

Soups. I can whip up a soup from just about any combination of vegetables. My go-to is coconut curry soup. Old carrots, potatoes, yams, whatever other veggies and some cashews and coconut cream. Whip it up in the instant pot and immersion blender.

How you like to recharge

If I’m mentally tired: movement, running, biking, climbing, swimming. Anything to get me into my body and out of my head.

If I’m physically tired: Reading some sci-fi book

Your favourite quote

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven”

– John Milton, Paradise Lost

Where in the world you have lived, outside of Canada

I lived and travelled in Nepal/Northern India for about a year in 2015

Three words others would use to describe you

Open-minded, curious, spontaneous

If you could eat only one cuisine for the rest of your life, it would be…

Nepalese Dahl Bhatt – Dalh Soup, Rice, Greens, Veggie Curry, Spicy Pickle

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