Calling food businesses in Metro Vancouver! 🍽️ Apply to win a food waste audit

Did you know that 58% of food produced in Canada goes to waste? According to this study, 13% of this waste happens in commercial kitchens. This waste comes at an enormous financial, social, and environmental cost to us all.

That is why FoodMesh and are joining forces to offer three businesses in Metro Vancouver the chance to win a food waste audit, valued at $4,000 each.

Each audit is designed to give your business the insight it needs to reduce food waste in its daily operations, which will help you:

✅ improve profitability

✅ save money on food costs

If you are a food business* in Metro Vancouver and are interested in finding ways to reduce waste and save money, apply today.

*This audit will be most beneficial to food service businesses with 1000+ covers per month.