Regional Food Recovery Networks

FoodMesh helps Municipalities and Regional Governments build their own local Food Recovery Networks, leveraging our existing technologies and platforms.

Our objective is to create local virtual networks of businesses, farmers and charities to safely exchange unsold product to the highest end user, creating a more connected and efficient food system.

FoodMesh offers turnkey services and programs designed to connect businesses to charities and other businesses in a streamlined and intelligent way

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  • Save Time

    no more back and forth coordination efforts

  • Control

    what food you accept and what you pass on

  • Simplify

    reports and metrics writing – savings, donations, meals rescued

  • Connect

    charities and gleaners to new donors, easier and in real time

  • Increase

    volume of food donations

  • Improve

    product information (nutrition, delivery details, etc.)

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Use Case

The Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) was the first Regional Government to partner with FoodMesh in 2018, with a goal to connect businesses and charities within their region by creating a more connected food system. Read the original press release HERE
The FVRD delivers over 100 separate services to over 295,000 residents in the Fraser Valley.
Its communities include eight unincorporated electoral areas as well as the municipalities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, Kent and Mission.

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Our work has helped fulfil the FVRD’s Regional Food Action Plan, and at the end of the year Pilot, the projected numbers were surpassed. The program is continuing into 2020.
” This project is helping the FVRD region reduce the amount of food waste being disposed of and finding higher uses that benefit the environment, our economy and communities. “Jason Lum, FVRD Chair

Rhiza Capital featured FoodMesh for their Impact Series.
The Retail Food Recovery Program piloted in the FVRD with Chilliwack as the first Community to implement that program.

It takes a network to create systemic change

Food waste is a global problem and has become a part of the efforts of Regional Governments’ Plans and Sustainability Goals to reduce Community and Corporate waste.
FoodMesh is a service provider creating custom programs to help fulfil these economic, social and environmental goals.
We have the expertise and technology to provide the services and programs to execute on these goals. The result is a more connected and accountable local food network that helps save money, reduce waste and feed more.

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